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The Unkind Places Kindle.png

The Unkind Places

ISBN -13: 979-8866469970
Imprint: Independen
tly published (Kindle Direct Publishing)
202 pages
Genre: Fiction

Salvatore Russo, a moderately wealthy pasta manufacturer in Sicily, is trying to save his struggling business until a tragedy befalls him and his wife Imelda. As Caderina, the janitor at his Sardinian apartment becomes the temporary caretaker of his business, until Leonardo, his son, passes university, seismic shifts in the story occur, and other idealistic, mysterious and brutal characters begin to emerge in myriad locations of Italy, who reflect the fault lines and manifestations of a dystopian world, illustrating coarse parables of betrayals, inception of cultural troubles, unfolding of migrant crises and involvement of local crime syndicates.
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