Global Perspectives
ISBN -13: 979-8623667700
Kindle Direct Publishing
282 pages
A collection of essays on China's economic expansionism, global ISIS radicalism, vested foreign policies pursued by various nations, and recent political developments in Afghanistan & Pakistan.
The Vale Dweller
ISBN -13: 9781694769428
Kindle Direct Publishing
262 pages
A man has grown up in a medieval city, of history, and intrigue. He dreams big, and wants to make good money, but is out of work. When the reality eventually hits him, he dwells into conversations, with coteries, and immerses himself observing the city’s problems, its rich traditions, and its highs, and lows.  By knowing about the city, he claims the place as his own, but as time rushes by, will his material dreams come true, in a land ravaged by war?
Reflections on the Changing World

ISBN-13: 9781077576490

Kindle Direct Publishing

329 pages



Essays on the recently concluded world elections, pertaining warzones, current developments in foreign policy, international politics, recent brooding protests against nation states, unremembered historical perspectives, and pertaining environmental issues.

The Trader of War Stories

ISBN-13: 978-1984210524

Kindle Direct Publishing

408 pages



Chasing his careerist dreams, Italian British correspondent Matteo Castello comes to terms about living in an amoral world, where wars and disorder exhibit power and control. Being transferred to Beirut from London, to cover stories for his agency, he witnesses each year passing by in violent revolutions, inciting bloodshed, and a sense of humanity perceives in him. As he manifests himself into a traveller, he finds dividing lines between people of different beliefs, ideas and cultural backgrounds in his assignments. In this process by living away for several years, his family witnesses desolation of an identity struggle, as Italian immigrants in Britain, and Matteo tries to fix loose ends with his supportive wife, Roberta and his talented son, Stefano .

Musings on Global Politics
ISBN-13: 978-1984209979

Kindle Direct Publishing 

285 pages


An anthology of selected newspaper columns, and other political essays, about the provoking influence of global politics, in our modern world.

Corporate Social Responsibility in UK Supermarket Industry


ISBN-13: 978-1985565487

Kindle Direct Publishing 

100 pages


A concise investigation into CSR strategies implemented by leading British supermarket chains.


The companies researched for this industry-specific project are Asda, Sainsbury's, Waitrose and Tesco.


The research rejects the capitalist approach and affirms a relationship between businesses and societies. 

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